Who We Are Soccer Super Heroes aims to be the world's leading provider of sport related physical development activities for young children aged between eighteen months and six years. Children attend regular sessions with other children of a similar age, where they master both motor and social skills under the watchful eye of highly qualified coaches. A unique feature of Soccer Super Heroes is the active participation of parents in the sessions. Our coaching team is made up of former professional soccer players and all staff have a passion for child development and parent education. What we do Soccer Super Heroes creates an fun, learning environment for children to develop their mental and physical fitness The program grows a child's motor skills through activities using a ball, while enhancing their self-esteem and confidence. Soccer Super Heroes also helps children learn numbers, the alphabet, colours and body parts, and reinforces positive aspects of their personality. The result is a healthier child whose motor skills and fitness are boosted. Our Mission Soccer Super Heroes mission is to engage more and more children in physical activity, using soccer as the vehicle. We teach basic movement patterns, balance and motor coordination. Most importantly we ensure that physical activity is fun. Everything we do is centered around helping children develop first as people and then as a lifetime of fun playing sport. Benefits for your little hero Our program supports a child's overall physical development, as well as helping them develop intellectually. All classes are run under the guidance of experienced coaches. Encouraging physical activity We encourage children to enjoy physical activity, showing them how to train safely and responsibly. We instill a feeling that exercise is beneficial and healthy. Engagement with other children and coaching staff In Soccer Super Heroes sessions children socialise with other children of their own age. They learn to share and cooperate, and to be creative in the way they perform their tasks. Both boys and girls participate in classes. Child Specific Soccer Activities Soccer Super Heroes is unique - no other program in Australia offers such fully rounded development from the age of six months (more information soon!) to five years. All activities are carefully designed to be age appropriate, and are set up so that children can participate in physical activity all year round. The use of role play and imagination allows children to be creative and learn through play and problem solving Fun and Learning Activities are fun and enjoyable, and structured to introduce children to the idea of participating in organised activity. Active Participation of parents and guardians Parent’s and guardian involvement in the sessions increases the children's self-confidence and self-esteem, whilst strengthening the emotional bond between child and parent/guardian
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