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Soccer Super Heroes are proud to announce that we are now in Childcare & Kindergarten centres! What Does a Childcare Program Look Like? The Childcare program is an in house program where our Agents of Skill visit the centre for 30 minutes of missions, fun and learning. We provide all the equipment and create a magical environment for the children in whichever space you can provide. The program runs for 8 weeks during the school term on a day and time suitable to you. How Soccer Super Heroes relates to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Mission 1 We show children how to discover their super powers. Example: Children feel safe, secure and supported. Children are made to feel like Super Heroes. We believe there is a Hero in Everyone! Each Child is cared for and encouraged to be themselves so that they can be the best Super Heroes they can be. Each child receives a Soccer Super Hero stamp at the end of each session and are constantly rewarded for showing positive behaviours. Mission 2 Children are connected with and contribute to their world Example: At Soccer Super Heroes each session is planned around one of our five characters which has a different super power. (listening and positive behaviours, fundamental movement patterns, strength and flexibility, ball skills and confidence) Each character is from a different part of the world and we use imagery to explore and teach children about geography. Mission 3 Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Example: Children become strong in their social, emotional and mental wellbeing. At Soccer Super Heroes we complete group missions each week. This encourages social interaction and the importance of being a good friend, team mate and super hero. Mission 4 Children are confident and involved learners Example: At Soccer Super Heroes we provide the resources for children to explore properties of materials through manipulation, collecting, transporting and positioning. Children develop their fine motor skills and balance using their hands and feet and other body parts. Mission 5 Children are effective communicators. Children are encouraged to have a voice! We play games that promote listening, reactions and cognitive responses We sing songs, dance and move in different ways which encourages children to express themselves. How do we book a Soccer Super Heroes program? Simply email us at
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